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Our comprehensive services are designed to work in conjunction with each other towards a common goal of treatment. Most often, each appointment will include a combination of a few or all of the individual services listed below. 

In all cases, our primary goal is to use whatever treatments are available to help our patients return to their optimal health and functionality, or simply have a better quality of life. 

We believe the healing process should not be limited to one set of resources. In an effort to ensure the best outcome possible, we work with conventional veterinarians and recommend specialists when needed. 

Our Philosophy

holistic wellness

Our Services

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Spinal Manipulation

Acupuncture is an ancient art that science is just beginning to understand. It is the only modality that treats the nervous system, which is the very basis of health and well-being. 
Very thin needles are placed in precise locations in the skin, fascia and muscle. These points convey a message to the central nervous system resulting in various changes in local as well as distant tissues in the body. Stimulation of these points can help coordinate the brain and body in a way that helps the body initiate a healing response. 
Most animals tolerate needles very well, and there are very few negative side effects. Treatment results can be within days or might take several sessions depending on the complexity and chronicity of the issue.

Cold Laser Therapy

This treatment typically involves using bones as contact points to initiate a reflex where muscle spasm and discrepancies in firing can be relaxed or balanced. Our technique is very subtle and gentle and involves soft tissue release work to elicit the desired correction. Most animals love this technique and in some cases, the effects are noticed right away.

Otherwise known as photobiomodulation, laser therapy is used to help reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing on a cellular level. This is achieved via wavelengths of light that stimulate the cell membrane. That in turn, sends a signal to the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) to increase ATP production. ATP is the fuel of the cell, so cells with more ATP can do their job better. We use a Cutting Edge MLS laser which is a Class IV laser that does not emit heat.

These treatments can help almost any condition.

If you are unsure if these treatments will help your pet, please contact us. 

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What to Expect

initial consultation

Typically One Hour

All relevant history and diagnostics will be discussed. A thorough hands-on exam will help shape the rest of the treatment. In most cases, a combination of soft tissue release/spinal manipulation, acupuncture, and cold laser will be performed. Supplements/herbals will be recommended accordingly. 

follow up visits

Typically Thirty Minutes

For most cases, one to two follow-up appointments is recommended to assess change over time. These follow-ups are scheduled at 1- 4 week intervals depending on the condition and animal. The follow-ups are scheduled for 30 minutes and treatment plans vary according to the individual case. If improvements are not noted within 2-3 treatments, we adjust accordingly. Improvements in conditions can be immediate, or they might take several sessions to be significant.

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Herbals & Supplements

 We have a small pharmacy of supplement and herbal options that may enhance healing and health in a sustainable way.

Cash's Loving Family

Several years ago our dog Cash was hit by an ATV traveling approximately 50 mph. We rushed him to the hospital as he sustained life-threatening injuries from the accident. The neurologists advised us that there was no possibility he would have any use of his front right leg. I knew if anyone could help him she could. Dr. Penny had me bring Cash into her office immediately. She was very patient with him and took the time to get to know him before working on him. She did some chiropractic adjustments and then began acupuncture treatment. We left her office about an hour later and my dog's paralyzed leg began a slight movement as if it was trying to take a step. She looked at me and said with complete confidence, “We’re getting this leg back”. Within 6 months he didn’t even have a limp.

incredible stories of recovery

After a particularly hard winter circuit, my jumper came home sore and unhappy. Dr. Rochelle was the first call we made to get Gentleman VHM back to full health, and she did not disappoint. He was back to his normal happy self in time for the spring shows thanks to her diagnostic work and treatment plan. I would recommend her to anyone who wants the best for their animal, whether that be their sport horse or their pet.

Gentleman's Loving Family

incredible stories of recovery

Team Mycroft's Loving Family

Dr. Penny is an indispensable member of Team Mycroft’s support squad, contributing on an on-going basis not only to his health, but also to his happiness.

incredible stories of recovery

Millie's Loving Family

Dr. Penny and her staff have treated Millie since she was only a year old after having bilateral cruciate surgery. Millie is now a 9-year-old Newfoundland who has been treated for numerous things throughout the years including degenerative arthritis and bilateral elbow dysplasia. However, our most challenging tribulation was 2 years ago when Millie was suddenly diagnosed with a neurological condition called Wobblers causing her to not be able to take even a few steps without falling. With the expertise of Dr Rochelle, we found a treatment plan that works amazingly, and I am happy to say she now takes long walks, runs, plays, and even climbs steps.

incredible stories of recovery

All three of my boys compete in strenuous sports. They are kept sound and happy. 

incredible stories of recovery

I found Dr. Penny over 10 years ago when my older dog, Hilapea, had cancer. Dr. Penny helped her live another 2 years with supported care of acupuncture and chiropractic along with Western Medicine. 
I am a horse trainer and started to have Dr. Penny come out to the farm to work on my horses, as well as my client’s horses. She has become one of the most important members of my team. The horses love her and she helps keep them feeling comfortable and in top competitive shape. Dr. Penny is one of the kindest people I know. I trust her with all my animals and I cannot recommend her enough.

incredible stories of recovery

Hilapea's Loving Family