Eight Reasons to Come to Copper Moon Veterinary Wellness

1. Your pet has a chronic condition.
Holistic medicine works to address chronic issues by stimulating the body to take on an old issue in a new way. Whether its an internal medicine condition like allergies or IBS, a musculoskeletal issue like osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia, or a neurological condition like IVDD or Wobbler’s, holistic medicine can probably help. Sometimes the treatments can be curative and sometimes they simply help your pet handle their chronic condition better. Either way its a win!

2. Your pet has an acute condition.
Acute conditions require body systems to be in healing mode from the level of the central nervous system down to the peripheral nervous system, circulatory system, lymph systems, muscles, connective tissue…you get the point. If there is a kink in any of the systems, the healing will be slower or incomplete. Excessive scarring or reduced function may be the result. Hands on therapies can help elicit a coordinated and smooth healing process from the body so your pet retains a more functional system.

3. Your pet is an athlete.
Jumping on and off the couch does not count! Athletes performing at their best typically employ hands on therapies to help prevent injury and optimize performance. Having routine hands-on work can also help alert you when there is an imbalance or a change in the musculoskeletal system requiring extra attention or a change in training.

4. You want to pamper your pet.
Even animals that are typically fearful at their regular veterinarian often grow to love the extra attention and therapy at Copper Moon. Most patients happily run in the door (our delicious treats help too!). Many will relax and sometimes even sleep as the needles do their job. So the pets feel good while the treatments do the body good. 

5. You hate side-effects of medications.
So the medication your regular veterinarian prescribed is working great. But… now your pet won’t eat/has diarrhea/is vomiting/is lethargic etc. Sigh. Sensitive pets often love hands-on therapies and herbal treatments. The therapies and/or supplements can either help reduce the side effects of medication (as with chemotherapy) or they may allow them to come off the medication with the side-effects altogether.  

6. You want a big picture view.
Conventional medicine is reductionist. This symptom is caused by this thing and it is treated with this drug. Works great in most simple cases. The confusion happens when you have several issues that conventional medicine views as separate problems requiring many medications. Sometimes this works…and sometimes the body crashes. Holistic medicine views your pet as one integrated system and looks for a common root to the several problems. What if you could replace several medications with one diet change? Sometimes you need a big picture view to put the pieces together.

7. You want help monitoring progress.
Have you ever wished someone else with a bit more information knew your pet like you do, and could provide guidance and notify you when they were starting to have a problem? Having the same veterinarian put their hands on your pet on a routine basis can do that. Because holistic therapies rely on keen observation, they offer a unique opportunity for closely monitoring your pet over time.

8. You want lots of tools in the toolbox.
Sometimes animals have complex or chronic issues that require long term medications. In those cases, you want to try to reserve the big guns for down the road, and use sustainable therapies as the mainstay. For example, if your dog has hip dysplasia and you start using conventional anti-inflammatories when they are young, you will eventually tire out the receptors and need to use more intense medications as they age. If, however, you can maintain them with supplements and hands on treatments, then those anti-inflammatories can be saved for a bad day, or for when they are seniors and need even more help.